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The initiatives in support of the school education of children in Tanzania are the heart of the activity of ADJ because education is today the only possibility for young people to emancipate themselves and learn a trade that can ensure them a future other than a premature death.
Following are the Projects that have been completed or are still in progress

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Completed Projects


The first project consisted in the construction of a kindergarten in Ilasa, a small village in the Iringa region of Tanzania. It is an extremely poor village of about 1800 inhabitants who live mainly from the cultivation of corn and legumes. The rainy season lasts from November to June, months during which, despite the obvious difficulties, the population goes to work the land in any case. Until 2011 there was no structure that could accommodate  preschool children, nor a well-organized health facility. ADJ has built an asylum which is currently maintained by the local community.


The Lumetti VTC Institute in Nyakipambo has been completely renovated in the buildings that house the male dormitories, new female and infant dormitories have been built, the toilets, the canteen and the common areas have been fully retooled. Since 2019, thanks to such a refurbishment, the Institute has obtained recognition from VETA, the Ministry of Education in Tanzania.

Projects in progress

ADJ is currently committed to supporting school training, through Child Sponsorship policy, of children in school structures of various levels located in different centers. The financial support is aimed and commensurate to cover the expenses for food, accommodation and what is necessary for the student's education.

Each student is monitored by ADJ through the information received from the referents in the educational institution.
The education centers where we currently operate are at:


After kindergarten, children who show the greatest interest in studying are candidates to continue their studies in Tosamaganga, a village of about 5,000 inhabitants near Iringa, the regional capital. The reference institution is the Lyalamo Primary School, a school considered prestigious where only the most deserving children can access.


The village of Nyakipambo is located in the highlands of southwestern Tanzania and has about 20,000 inhabitants. The average life expectancy is 48 years due to diseases such as HIV, TB, malaria and typhus. The main activity is agriculture, which ensures the minimum necessary for survival (the annual per capita income in 2014 was about $ 1,813, 60% of the population is without electricity and 40% of drinking water). An important local reference center is the parish of which Method Mwihava has been parish priest since 2015. Since the arrival of Father Method, ADJ contributes to the financial support of students who attend Lumetti VTC Institute.

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