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When ADJ accepted the request for help to restructure the Lumetti VTC Institute, the condition of the structure was dramatic. The buildings were in a state of severe deterioration, the kitchen had collapsed, the bathrooms were crumbling and lacked running water and sewage. Electricity was ensured by a precarious and absolutely temporary system (see pictures below).

Without a global restructuring, VETA would no longer have recognized the school. 

The project, the first of two, was aimed at renovating the male dormitories, bathrooms and kitchen. A second project was aimed to the construction of a new dormitory building for infant and girls.

​The project consisted in the restructuring of four modules, three intended for dormitory use while the fourth used as a refectory. A new roof has been rebuilt and raised the height by about 70 cm, in order to  make the environments more habitable. The electrical system was equipped with solar panels, all the inside and outside walls of each single unit were painted. New toilets with running water have been built, including showers and washbasins. A septic tank where to convey the black waters was placed. Two tanks for the collection of rainwater to be used both for the toilets and for the dormitories have been made. Furthermore, a new kitchen near the refectory was rebuilt.

The project, beyond the technical interventions described briefly above, was aimed, as far as possible, at giving a sense of structural unity and community for which a single main access was provided between the bodies called C and D (see project here). Walkways paved with concrete and equipped with a roof have been realized, in front of the dormitories, which overlook a courtyard that is shaded by a large tree. This space was conceived as a meeting place for the children.

In front of the kitchen, near the refectory, an outdoor space made of concrete has been dedicated to eat and get together.

The final cost of the project exceeded 60,000 euros only for the construction of the new dormitories for infants and girls entirely paid by ADJ. The renovation of the existing buildings was carried out jointly with the Italian voluntary organization Alto Garda and Ledro.


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