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HealthCARE Project


After donating the ultrasound to the Mdabulo dispensary-clinic, ADJ is committed to the implementation of the dispensary in Nyakipambo, also in Tanzania. Nyakipambo is the village where Father Method  Mwihava was assigned as parish priest once he returned to Tanzania from Italy. Currently in Nyakipambo there is a dispensary, a first aid facility that guarantees the administration of medicines, including those for HIV which is widespread in Tanzania, and minimal assistance to women in childbirth. The aim of the project is to transform the existing structure into a real medical center, equipped with a clinical analysis laboratory, a delivery room, and a dentistry station. The staffing implementation also has the support of the Tanzanian government which has pledged with Father Method to ensure the presence at their own expense of doctors and a nurses.

Update: 1/2/2022

Although the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic did not allow travel to Nyakipambo and major work to begin, ADJ was able to fund the purchase of a blood cell counting machine to perform the blood count, as it was a year ago designed. 
In the meantime, the engineer Stefano Riggio has carried out the project of the Delivery Room which constitutes a very ambitious project for the implementation of the Dispensary of Nyakipambo. All information on this can be found here.


Update: 1/12/2021

Thanks to the implementations made over the last 4 years, currently the dispensary has been recognized by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and is active 24/24 hours. The staff that manages it, provided by the state, is composed of two doctors and  three nurses who take turns in three shifts a day (morning, afternoon and night), one  midwife and a laboratory technique. 
ADJ currently intends to provide support for the purchase of a laboratory machine (blood cell counter to perform the blood count) and to make an extension  of the delivery room requested by the Ministry of Health (to learn more click here).


Update: 3/25/2017

The Nyakipambo 'dispensary' is now an important healthcare reality.
It often happens that patients with diseases arrive there that cannot find answers elsewhere and that, also through health contacts in Italy, they can find the right clinical interpretations and possible diagnoses.
Steps are currently being taken to make it a "Health Center", its placement in importance has already received recognition in passing  from provincial to regional level and projects are being made for recognition at national level.
This will require an expansion of the healthcare workforce and related residential buildings. 

Update: 23/9/2016

January 16, 2016  a container of various equipment and materials has arrived with which the Nyakipambo dispensary has been extensively evolved and implemented. The initiative was conceived and implemented by other volunteers in Salerno where Father Methodius carried out its activity in Italy and with which we collaborated by allocating part of our funds. Currently the dispensary is a health reference not only for the inhabitants of Nyakipambo but also for other nearby realities.

Update: 17/9/2015

The project is currently in the reconnaissance phase during which the characteristics of the existing structure will be examined so that the structural works to be carried out to modify the building according to future needs, the electro-medical devices, the laboratory material and the other sanitary equipment, including furniture, necessary.

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