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About a year and a half after its inauguration, thanks to the suitability certification issued by VETA, the Lumetti VTC Institute is fully operational. It currently hosts girls from kindergarten and elementary schools to professional diplomas issued by the school of tailoring, joinery and carpentry. seven teachers are employed there, three of them sleep in a dedicated building. Among the teachings taught there is also technical engineering, mathematics and computer science. The performance of the Institute is under the control of a head of teaching. The school canteen is run by a nun who provides the kitchen.​​​

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The female and male dorms have been entirely built and in September we will go to Nyakipambo for their inauguration. By that time they should be fully furnished. Each of you will be present there, in the mind and heart of Giovanna, our president. Each of you must always have in your mind and heart the great satisfaction of having contributed to achieving a great goal: the Lumetti VTC Institute is active, recognized by VETA and the graduates will be able to carry out their professional activity in a certified manner, and not in an improvised way, finding for themselves an economic income for themselves and for the community in which they live. This is the biggest achievement, far beyond the construction of a new building.



















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August 13, 2017 marks the beginning of the "Future Builders" campaign by ADJ aimed to raise funds for the renovation of the Lumetti VTC Institute. Thanks to the union of intentions with the Alto Garda and Ledro volunteer organization, the male dormitories were rebuilt. ADJ has dedicated every initiative to the raise of funds for the construction of female dormitories. There were many initiatives in 2017 through which funds were raised, among which the achievement of support by Sella SGR was of great importance. Since 1999, through the "Sustainable Investments" fund of Sella SGR [to find out more click here ], over 2 million euros to numerous solidarity projects in Italy and around the world; in 2018, ADJ's request for funding was accepted and 20,000 euros were donated for the "FutureBuilders" campaign.
The president of ADJ, Dr. Giovanna Del Vecchio Blanco, Father Method Mwihava and the engineer Stefano Riggio, who realized the technical project, supervised the work of construction and renovation.
As you can see in the photographic collage below, the works of the women's dormitories are at an advanced stage, the roof and the supporting structure have been completed. The interior finishes and the sewers with the relative pipes, the tiles and the toilets in the bathrooms, the doors and fixtures, the interior furnishings (beds, wardrobes and bedside tables) remain to be completed.

The construction of the male dormitories and the advanced state of the female ones has made it possible to achieve very recently the certification of suitability and the recognition of the institute  by VETA, equivalent to our ministry of education in Tanzania, until 2023.


L'edificio del dormitorio femminile

interno del dormitorio femminile

una delle stanze del dormitorio

particolare dei bagni del dormitorio femminile

La casa dell'insegnante

Una veduta esterna del dormitorio maschile

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