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Father Method is a friend whom life has brought us to know. When Carlo and Angela, two co-founders of ADJ, got married in Salerno, he was the one to celebrate the wedding. Once Father Method returned to his homeland, Tanzania, we remained in contact with him, then the journey to that land consolidated the friendship and motivated the founding of ADJ. Although it is a secular volunteer organization, the spirit of solidarity that animates ADJ has led to the realization of projects in the territory where Father Method moves. Thanks to his tireless work the local population can find a guide and an order to progress in a rural life generally without rules and full of difficulties, diseases and poverty. The internet is a crucial tool in communications between us and Nyakipambo and allows us to receive news. Sometimes they are "technical" updates concerning the school and the diligence in the study of the children we support, the development of the dispensary, other times they are the 'adventures' experienced by Father Method, who runs into joyful or sad events, very often complicated and unthinkable according to our point of view while for him they are part of life in that reality and lived with great serenity.
We thought it was nice to share with all our supporters the different moments of life in Nyakipambo that we learn about.

Enjoy the reading!!!


1/5/2021, Father Method Mwihawa

The phone rings at 04.50 this morning. An unknown voice presents itself only with the surname, Kalinga, and simply asks me if I can go immediately to help a woman who at that moment is giving birth on the road three kilometers from the parish. I tell him I'm going there immediately. I wake up from half-sleep and think: "but where am I going?" But is it true that there is a woman giving birth from that area or is there something else? I call him back and ask precisely the place. We leave, me and the nurse from the dispensary, with the pick-up. Yes, because the Landcruiser, which would be more suitable for such situations, is in Dar-Er-Salaam waiting to be repaired. The only possibility to get there is to go with the four-wheelers because the road due to the rains is full of holes and mud. One hour to travel three kilometers. Upon our arrival a small group of men and women applaud to see their parish priest with the car. A woman is lying on the ground, a newborn baby wrapped in dirty clothes. Stella, the nurse gets to work. We load the woman into the hospital bed behind the pick-up and leave for Nyakipambo. Upon arrival I think within myself “thank goodness there is the Nyakipambo dispensary otherwise after all this effort I would have had to do another 60 km to get to the Mafinga hospital. Now you know why it is important for me and for the people of Nyakipambo to have a facility like this and how useful a delivery room would be. Happy New Year 2021 !!!

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29/12/2020, webmaster









2020 was a dramatic year for the whole world. Fortunately, Tanzania, like the rest of Africa, was marginally affected by the pandemic. Activities in Nyakipambo proceeded undisturbed. The Lumetti VTC Institute continued to provide life education and training for dozens of children. ADJ's children adopted at a distance are 20, and they study successfully. Father Method, around whose parish the whole life of the place revolves, continues to welcome children without families. Amani and Shukuru were found in the street, without parents, Father Method welcomed them in Nyakipambo. The photos show their impressive transformation (for good!) in just three months and well represent why ADJ exists: there is always someone along the way who needs a hand. 

Amani e Shukuri all'arrivo.jpg
Amani e Shukuri dopo 3 mesi.jpg
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