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The Lumetti VTC Institute is a site professional institute  in Nyakipambo, Tanzania e  founded many years ago by an Italian religious missionary, Father Lumetti. In 2017, VETA, the Tanzanian national body for vocational education, warned that the Institute would not receive renewal of accreditation as an educational institution and would lose government support if its infrastructure was not renewed. Father Method, parish priest of Nyakipambo, contacted us and asked us for help in planning and carrying out the global restructuring of the Institute. ADJ moved immediately and gave rise to the whole project that you can see in the various phases in the attached pages. Since 2019 the institution, entirely renovated, has received accreditation from VETA and is fully active in the training of children from kindergarten to vocational school which provides training courses lasting 3 years as per Tanzanese legislation.

The Institute is now equipped with dormitories that can accommodate up to about 150 girls and 150 boys.

There are three Professional Laboratories currently active: Tailoring Laboratory, Woodworking Laboratory, Construction Laboratory.

Tailoring laboratory

Equipped with sewing machines, girls learn to cut and sew under the teachings of already trained seamstresses. This laboratory already has an intense activity of production of many articles that are sold and whose earnings self-finance the various needs of the Institute.

Woodworking laboratory

the boys learn to work with wood and make furniture, doors and other products useful for construction or daily life. All the doors and furniture used in the renovation of the Lumetti VTC Institute were made in this laboratory


Construction laboratory
the education includes the planning phase of a project, the technical drawing, lessons of construction science, and finally the practice of construction.

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