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distance adoption

Our distance adoptions are part of the Education Project, which is currently the heart of our initiatives. Through long-distance adoptions it is possible to support and guarantee the long-term education of each child. Click here to enter your details and get information directly on children who need help through distance adoption.

All donations for distance adoption are entirely devoted to the education of the adopted child. ADJ monitors the achievement of adopted children during the course of study and provides financial support from elementary to high school and beyond in some cases. Currently
, ADJ supports 20 children or teens who attend elementary school or  middle school, one of them entered the seminary. An example among all is that of Fausta, whose real name is  Faudhia Malanji, who in 2013 was the first child adopted by ADJ and who at the end of 2021 enrolled in the course of  Clinical Office  at the Ipamba Hospital, the first training step to become a doctor. Here are some photos in which we see her at work.

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