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The Nyakipambo Dispensary has a small maternity section that is currently not adequately sized to meet the needs of the population and does not comply with the guidelines issued by the Government of Tanzania (Level of Health Facility).

The project, carried out by engineer Stefano Riggio in Salerno, consists in the construction of a new independent building but close to the dispensary. The new building will be fully dedicated to delivery and immediate neonatal care. The facility will be equipped with delivery rooms, an area dedicated to pre- and post-birth hospitalization, changing rooms for health personnel (doctors, midwives and nurses) and offices. Among the various environments, there will be a nursing station, a laboratory, a bathroom for the disabled, and a 'kangaroo room' for premature babies, where the mother can stay close to the baby. The property will occupy a total gross area of approximately 440 square meters, with a length of approximately 28 meters and a maximum width of approximately 29 meters, and will be divided according to the following uses:

105.0 sqm. - pre- and post-partum rooms;

132.0 sqm. - delivery rooms;

93.7 sqm. - entrance and corridor;

20.0 sqm. - bathrooms;

56.9 sqm. - office, nurses' room, kangaroo room, other rooms.

The net useful height will be 3.0 meters between the floor and the soffit of the load-bearing roof beam. The entrance height will be 450 mm above the ground floor. The roof will consist of wooden trusses and a gable roof in sheet metal. A false ceiling is also provided to isolate the attic from the rest of the structure in order to mitigate the environment.

Structure -  The foundations will be built with a system of reinforced concrete beams with dimensions of 230 mm x 300 mm. The foundation excavation from level 0.00 must be at least 1000 mm deep and 690 mm wide. In elevation there will be 4 reinforced concrete pillars with a base plate in foundation 1000x1000x250 mm, with steel reinforcement 6 + 6 Ø 16 mm. The load-bearing structure of both the perimeter and internal walls will be made of solid bricks. The perimeter walls will have a width of 230 mm, the internal ones of 150 mm. Above the windows there will be a perimeter crowning beam in reinforced concrete measuring 230 mm x 230 mm reinforced with 4 Ø 12 mm rods and Ø 8 mm brackets, max pitch 20 cm. The reinforced concrete beam will ensure a better distribution of the roof loads which will be made with wooden beams and pitched sheets.


Exterior - Attention was paid during the design phase to the car park. In particular, a clockwise circular one-way street was allowed, connecting the external road network with the Dispensary. In addition, a parking lot will be built, at a distance of about 40 meters from the structure. The car park will have approximately 34 parking spaces. On the perimeter of the road network there will be a walkway for pedestrians in order to separate the driveway from that of pedestrians.

Between the maternity unit building and the parking lot, there will be a green space of 1600 square meters. This space will be equipped with several benches where relatives / carers of patients can wait and rest and where children can play.

Production time: 18-24 months

estimated amount: 62,645 euros (163,199,750 Tanzanian shillings)

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